Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed in for days

Well I know we aren't alone in our snow days at home. Is anyone getting stir crazy? We are getting stir crazy so we took a "field trip" to the Redbox at the gas station a mile from our house. It was GREAT fun and very exciting! We have enjoyed the family time we are getting and will STILL get tomorrow. I think tomorrow we will have to do more baking. Yesterday Alex & I made a chocolate chip banana nut bread (recipe from our sweet friend Elizabeth).

I'm a little puzzled at our weather lately as I go through the pictures on our camera...
There are pictures of the boys playing in the snow one week...Alex eating an ice cream cone and playing outside while Drew rides his 4wheeler....then again the boys playing in the snow. What are our chances of spring arriving soon when there is snow on the ground for "groundhog" day??? I'm guessing the chances of spring aren't great, huh? A friend of mine said yesterday she wanted to move to a tropical island where everyone is squishy...I'm going too! I seriously cracked up when I was reading on the internet about workouts for the annoying "baby belly". They actually gave suggestions out to get rid of that "doughy" tummy (they actually used the word doughy). I'm guessing that the cookies & banana bread & chips & salsa that are part of my snow day entertainment ARE NOT a staple for getting rid of the "doughy" tummy. Oh boys love to push on it as if I'm the pillsbury dough boy. I won't let that stop me from enjoying a whole bowl of guacamole for my birthday meal with friends. Oh please roads melt so I can go eat Mexican food Friday!!!
Well since I'm the most fun mom EVER I layered on the clothes for the boys & we all headed outside in the snow. I guess if I was REAL fun we would have gone out yesterday when the snow could hit us in the face.

My uncle bought the boys a sled last year so we put that to good use. We did some sledding down our ice covered driveway today. Drew was disappointed that the snow balls wouldn't form. Even if they would form I don't think we could've stayed outside long enough to build a snowman...brrrr!

Happy Snowy Days!!!

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