Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday!

This weekend we celebrated David's 30th birthday. Friday night my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Dan let the boys come over while we went to eat at Bonefish Grill! Yum! It was so nice to sit at a meal and just talk without being interrupted with "I need to potty, Hey I need to tell you something, I need a snack, I need a drink, I want that toy brother has", and all the other things our boys say that we adore BUT still love when we can have adult conversation.
Then we were real crazy partiers and went to Target to buy diapers since we were completely out after the snow days at home. We tried to stay gone as long as possible because I knew when we returned to pick up the boys, Drew would absolutely protest leaving. Well, of course, he did. Uncle Dan bought a new hunting Wii game which Drew loved. They also have great snacks at their house like M&Ms, Chocolate Chip cookies and pizza. I am so thankful they love the boys and the boys love them. We treasure the date nights we have!
Saturday was David's actual birthday and he celebrated it with TWO birthday parties. One at Chuck E. Cheese and one at Jump Zone. How lucky can one guy be, right? He did at least get to go eat at Shoguns for dinner with friends. He doesn't really like birthday cake so he just wanted brownies for his "cake". Drew couldn't understand where his cake was because we neeeded to sing "Happy Birthday". We decided to put a candle (including Alex's Elmo candle) in David's brownie & Drew led us in singing "Happy Birthday".
I hope he enjoyed his day! Happy Birthday David...we love you!


  1. I LOVE your heading picture! I am so excited about this blog!!!!!

  2. I was mentioning to my stepmother today that I blog instead of scrapbook now. . .I just don't have the *time* to get all the materials out for that at this season in my life. I love that I can journal from the computer and look back on things. . .someday, hopefully, my blog will trigger memories to scrapbook :) Anyway, good luck with your blog! It looks like you have a lovely family.

  3. So happy you have a blog! You will love blogging!

    And thanks for letting us eat with y'all last night and celebrate David's birthday! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday David! I am so glad that you have a blog now! You will love it!

  5. Hi! You have a beautiful family and welcome to the world of blogging! Just wanted to stop in and say hello as your newest follower!