Monday, April 22, 2013

Amber, Beth, Sharon...In search of ABS

Two of my friends and I have decided to start a new blog to share our journey through weight loss, exercise, eating healthy journey, and saying goodbye to anxiety medication.  We are moms, wives, teacher, therapist, and friends so we have faced challenges but happy to say that we have pushed through since January!  I won't go into stay tuned for the link to our new blog. We are still trying to decide on a name.

This is my friend Sharon and I at the beginning of our journey.

Looking back

Well alot has happened in the last year since my last post! We have added a precious little baby boy to our family, moved back to Northeast Arkansas and remodeled a house...just to name a few!

Drew graduated Kindergarten and this picture is just ONE of the many attempts we make to get family photos. This is a true capture of our chaotic but wonderful life!
David & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary! What a blessing he is in my life. When life gets crazy & we want to run away, we just say..."oh no no no...we are in this together!" Since we were amidst a move and new baby we celebrated with dinner in Mountain Home while my sister watched the boys for us.  It was a nice quiet steak dinner!
One of our first blessings of being back HOME was getting to have Will's baby dedication.  FBC Jonesboro has been such a HUGE part of mine and David's life for the past 14 years.  It was such a special time for us to have Brother Bruce dedicate Will because he married us and dedicated Drew and Alex also.  Life is not perfect whether we are in NWA or NEA but we are thankful for our friends and family in both places that make life fun and enjoyable!

Happy Halloween!
 Another blessing of being back is getting to do everyday life with  my nieces!  We are happy about that (despite Alex's face in this face).
 Since we've been in Jonesboro Drew has started Karate. That's all I will say about that. Ha.ha.ha
 We spent many hours remodeling our house.  This is just ONE of MANY projects we have done.  We spent Thanksgiving weekend tearing out the wall between our kitchen and den. 
 Happy Thanksgiving from this precious baby boy who brings SUCH JOY to our lives!
 One of many attempts to get a GOOD picture of the boys.'s a challenge! I'll just take what I can get.  I smile when I see the 3 of them together.
Our last hoo-rah of 2012 was celebrating New Year's Eve with some old and dear friends...the Blaylocks!  Yet another blessing of being back in Northeast Arkansas.  We've been friends with them since we were newlyweds.  Our kids are just weeks apart which is so fun. 
I'm thankful for friends that you can go days, weeks, or months without talking but when you are together it's like you never missed a beat. 

Goodbye 2012...hello 2013!