Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yay!!! Gran & Pop finally made it.

Since the weekend before my birthday my parents have been trying to come visit. The weather had another plan for them though. Drew & Alex were so excited that Jenna came also. I let that be a surprise for them and it definitely made them ecstatic!For as long as I can remember I have had a strawberry cake for my birthday. It's funny that everyone in my family has "their cake" for their birthday. My dad & David always choose german chocolate. My sister makes her own because she makes my Granny's traditional birthday cake and she does an AMAZING job. My mom usually chooses strawberry cake like me BUT she also enjoys Jen's icing from Granny's recipe. Since my parents couldn't make it for my birthday, David was so sweet and found the strawberry cake recipe and made one for me. I was thrilled! It was delicious and sooo thoughtful. Drew, Alex, & I really appreciated it. David was so worried about the way it looked but TRUST me...the looks did not affect the taste one bit.

I told my mom that I would freeze half so we could enjoy it again when they came but accidentally ate it all. Sadly we had to eat strawberry cake again when they came to visit. ha!

The weather was so beautiful that we spent most of Saturday at the park. First we took the dogs to the "dog park" on Walton then we went to the new Metropark to enjoy the cake and ice cream. My mom took care of David too because he doesn't like strawberry cake so she brought him a german chocolate cake. We had a "late" birthday party at the park.

The boys and Jenna had a ball playing together at the park. Jenna can do no wrong in their eyes. I realized how much she loves them when my sister told me she gave up going to her best friend's birthday party to come visit the boys for the weekend.

My mom & I went to a fabric store in Rogers on Saturday to buy fabric for Alex's bedding. I've had such a dilemma on what to do to make his boy a little less baby but didn't want to change all the decor in his room. I bought some cotton fabric and made two pillow cases and a flat sheet. I decided to still use the fitted sheets we have and just got fabric to match. He loves his new pillow. He says he wants to sleep in his new bed. It's so cute that now he wants to tuck in his Jessie doll and stuffed animals and lay their head on his pillow when he goes to bed. I am thrilled to have updated his baby bedding but without spending a fortune. I hope I didn't disgrace my mom & granny's sewing skills too much. Hopefully one day I can be as good as them! :-)

Sadly the time came for them to leave on Sunday. I know God has placed us here and I'm so very thankful for our life but saying goodbye is never easy. I miss day to day life with my sister and her family and my parents. I can't wait for the lake season so we can spend lots of time together at the lake!

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