Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Date Night

Yesterday David & I had a date night. David's office sponsored a table at the Boys & Girls Club Winter Ball but one of my friends called it "prom" which is pretty funny. Sad or funny...we haven't dressed up like that since our senior prom. Ha! We had so much fun with David's coworkers.

Alex didn't want to be left out of the pictures. My friend, Laurie, let me borrow her jewelry & I think Alex really liked it!
My parents were suppose to come this weekend for my birthday but sadly the snow forced them to stay at home. So my Aunt Debbie & Uncle Dan invited the boys to stay with them while we went to our "prom". As always...they had a great time. Drew was so excited that they gave him a REAL cell phone. He said "Look mommy, you said I could have a phone when I get bigger and Aunt Debbie & Uncle Dan gave me one". What he doesn't realize is that it's several years old but he doesn't care. I'll have to ask my friend, Laurie, to teach him how to use it because it's very simliar to her phone. Although, his has a camera and I couldn't remember of Laurie's does so maybe he can teach her that feature. :-) He is really proud of that feature on the phone & took pictures until the battery finally died. Of course, it's on the charger now so he can photograph us all today.

Dana, David's coworker, made the event last night about my birthday. It was a great celebration! I was so honored that they decorated, hired a band, and so many guests attended that didn't even know me. Ha! Dana gave me 5 chances to draw for a prize as my birthday present. I won 1 time out of the 5 chances...guess I better not ever go to a casino, huh? I picked a free night at a hotel with breakfast for two. That's something David & I could both enjoy & can't wait to use it! Thanks Dana!!! They had some GREAT prizes and I was really tempted to buy lots of tickets but I didn't. I almost got David a $250 watch with my prize choice which was a great deal but while we were debating another couple wanted it. He says he dreamed about that watch last night. Whoops...sorry again babe! I did buy one chance & I ended up winning with that chance. It was at the end so most of the prizes were gone. I did pick a great prize though...a HUGE basket of Heinz products. Whoo-hoo!
The food was fantastic which made me real happy. At one point I noticed that I was the ONLY one sitting at our table eating. I tried to act important though by texting with my friend Amanda so people thought I was sitting down to be on the phone & not just eating.

Well...I'm not a dancer by any means but David LOVES to dance. I love to dance my house! I was PERFECTLY content watching my friends & David dance while I sat at the table. I wasn't the least bit sad about it but apparently Dana & Lee didn't want me sitting alone so they literally dragged me onto the dance floor. Luckily it was 80s music which is easier to dance to than rap music. I don't know what I would've done had the band started playing Rap music. Well I guess I would've started break dancing...right?

It was a great night with food, friends, dancing, prizes, & laughter despite the looks on their faces here! This might have been when they were staring at me for eating??? Just kidding.


  1. You look beautiful Amber! Happy Birthday!

  2. I laughed the whole time I read your post. You looked beautiful! So glad you got out for a fun night.

  3. You looked beautiful! No, my phone does not have a camera.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. I found your blog! So glad I got to attend your birthday celebration with you. Hope you are enjoying all your ketchup and goodies:) Can't wait for the next one!

  5. Glad you found it Allison! See you at our next big night on the town!

  6. What a fun night! You looked soooo pretty!