Sunday, February 27, 2011

A morning of laughter

My Wednesday morning started out not so good but gave lots a good laugh...
I had all the bags and "stuff" loaded in my arms to put in my car. I got to my car only to have my neighbor's cat jump out of my window. I screamed probably the loudest I've ever screamed. I am terrified of cats! You are probably wondering how the cat got in my car...well, in order for my vehicle to fit in the garage door I have to roll down my window & pull in my side mirror EVERY time I pull in the garage. Tuesday morning when I got home from bible study I obviously forgot to roll up my window when I got in the garage so my window was down all night. David & the boys played outside that afternoon with the garage doors open. The neighbor's cat likes to roam the neighborhood but I think mainly our garage because he knows I am terrified! That silly cat was in our garage all night! Once I got back in the house and stopped the near heart attack...I insisted on David going to check my vehicle for any presents the cat may have left behind and to be absolutely sure the cat was no where in sight. Weird as it may seem I felt like my car had been broken into and I was being stalked! The entire drive to school I felt like that darn cat was sitting in the passenger seat staring at me. Everytime (even now as I type) that I picture the cat's face lurching after me I shudder. Was it going to eat me and claw my eyes out...uuuummm probably not BUT that doesn't make me less scared of cats!!!! Most of my friends know that I'm terrified, not just scared, of cats. This didn't just happen over night I guess. My sister liked cats when we were growing up. We lived out in the country so we had stray cats often at our house. My memory is standing at the back door at the top of the steps crying for someone to carry me over the thousand cats at my feet. My mom laughs & says we had maybe a few at a time but I think she is not remembering well obviously because all I remember is thousands of cats at my feet. Yah I know..that is completely unlikely!:-)
A friend of mine told me on Thursday that she would do cat therapy with me to get me to a point that I could pet a cat in my lap. UUUUMMMM...thanks Bethany but no thanks. :-) She said the therapy would start with me being able to not get sick at my stomach when I see a picture of a cat in a book. Then we could move to having a cat in the same room as me to eventually holding a cat (the thought of that makes my skin crawl). Again...doesn't sound fun to me so I'll do without that therapy for now. Throughout the day I could see that cat jumping out my window all over again in my mind....It didn't help matters when I told my friend Amanda and she pointed out what if it had jumped on me while I was driving. Oh heavens...I wouldn't have live to tell the story if that happened! If I didn't die from a heart attack first then I would've died from a car crash. Praise Jesus that didn't happen!

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  1. This was my first visit to you blog. Great post. I have that same fear of chickens. I know it seams crazy but I really hate the thought of them being any where near me. I feel your pain. lol