Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Happenings Around Our House

Bringing in the New Year with Friends
New Year's Eve we had some friends over for Low Country Boil. We love the Ormons & the Vestals so of course it was so much fun. The kids had so much fun playing. My boys didn't mind that they're the only boys. Drew adores Emily. He says one day when he's big his name will be "Drew Ormon". He's always concerned what Emily will think about his outfit for church. Usually when Emily's name is brought into the conversation he responds with "Oh yah that's what I'm talkin' bout". I hope they always remain friends. Drew always loves for Emily to ride with us to Cubbies...they laugh the entire time we are in the car. There is something funny always when Drew & Neely are together too. They spend their time laughing while Alex & Neely spend their time chatting.

Drew & Emily dressed up as Spiderman & Mrs. Incredible.

Happy New Year

Cousin Time
A few weeks ago my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and nephews came to spend the weekend with us. We had such a great visit. Our boys are all very close in age. In fact, Alex & Sawyer are 10 days apart. Drew thought Max was soooo cool because he loved Mario just as much as Drew. They spent the weekend playing video games which was heaven to Drew because we limit his video game time usually. On Saturday David & Shaun took Max & Drew to the Hogs game.

Alex & Sawyer got to do some painting while big brothers were at the basketball game. It was messy but fun. Considering I colored on my grandparent's couch with a permanent marker when I was small, glued coloring pages to my bedroom walls, colored on my granny's wooden lap tray with a permanent marker, and many other art projects...I just have to laugh at the payback I'm getting from Alex. I, of course, tell him NO when he does it but I remind myself it's not the end of the world and everything can be cleaned up. When they're grown one day I know I'll look at scratches and crayons on my walls and smile at the memories or at least I'm sure that's what my Granny Kee would have done.

First Snow Day of 2011

Birthday Party Saturdays

We had 3 birthday parties recently. The boys had so much fun. Happy Birthday Harper, Caleb, and Ella Kate!
Drew enjoying a cupcake with his guy buddies.

Enjoying a Warm Saturday Afternoon (right before the Winter Death Storm 2011-this is what my brother-in-law, Heath named it)

The boys were soooo excited to get a package in the mail today from Gran & Pop. Drew got the package from the mail & said to Alex "Look brother, a package from Gran & Pop and there's probably something in there for you too." Alex has been working a little on potty training so Gran sent him some new Thomas the Train undies. He was VERY proud of them, to say the least. He wanted to wear them over his diaper or clothes for the rest of the day.

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  1. Hahahaha, winter death storm is a perfect description!!! Love the undies! Hope you are doing good...hopefully see you soon.