Sunday, February 27, 2011

Enjoying the weekend

We started our weekend with a date night on Friday. Bonefish Grill is our favorite date spot. We had a few gift cards left over and decided to go on a date. Our neighbor came over to stay with the boys. She is such a precious teenager! The boys absolutely adore her and I don't worry a minute while they are in her care. When we got home we had a movie night in our bed and watched "Scooby" episodes which are Alex's favorite. Saturday morning our women's ministry at church was having their "Mugs and Muffins" event. I was up getting ready to go when Drew came in my room and said "Mommy can you lay down with me and let's just watch a movie?". I couldn't turn that down so all four of us laid in bed until 11:00!!! We searched Disney Cruise vacations on the computer and the boys got really excited about that. I hope we can go on one this year!
The rest of the day we played at home and watched TV. I did force myself off of the couch long enough to walk/jog with friends. About 5 of my friends and I have started meeting 2-3 days a week to walk/jog. I'm so thankful for them all! Running with friends is much better than doing it alone.
Since I exercised I thought it was only appropriate to go eat at Catfish Hole for supper. That was our first time there & it was delicious. The boys were eating so much that the waitress commented on how they must love fish and hushpuppies. They come by that honest because I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some fried fish and hushpuppies. I have loved that for as long as I can remember but it's not David's favorite since he grew up in Georgia and prefers real seafood instead of catfish. :-)
The highlight of my day was when Drew said "I like your hair like that mommmy. You are pretty." I wore my hair curly because I was too lazy to dry it out and straighten it. So sweet of him to notice!


  1. I noticed your hair curly today - I LOVED it! I didn't know you had curly hair!
    I LOVE the catfish hole! I keep telling Scott that's where I want to go on our next parent's night out! :-)

  2. Thanks Kelly! I didn't see you this morning...were you stalking me? :-) My hair has a mind of its own...sometimes I call it "natural frizz" and other days it can be "natural curls." ha!