Sunday, February 27, 2011

Somewhere tropical sounds divine...

So our first snow storm dropped about 11 inches of snow and I thought that was alot until our second snow storm exploded a whopping 2 feet of snow. I swear that I didn't wish for that when I blew out my birthday candle. Believe me...if I had then I would've wished for it to fall ON MY BIRTHDAY so I didn't have to spend my birthday at school until 9:00 that night.
When the weather began to talk about our 2nd snow storm I totally blew it off and thought "Oh it can't amount to much...surely there is no snow left to fall after the 11 inches." Well, needless to say I was WRONG. It was to my husband's knees and he is over 6 feet tall.

However, it was absolutely the most beautiful snow storm I've ever seen. I always hate when the snow falls at night because my favorite part about snow is when it is actually falling.

Being snowed in was a blessing in one way because we were all sick and could rest without worrying about going to work or school or activities.

However, 2 weeks of snow days and sickness made me very thankful when God sent sunshine to Northwest Arkansas!

The weather is an absolutely marvel to me. One day we can have below zero temperatures and the next day we can be playing out in 2 feet of snow without snow attire. Neely came home with us from school and I let them play in the snow. I can honestly say I've never seen so much snow that it was still hanging around on a 60degree day. That was so fun though because we could enjoy playing in the snow without freezing to death.
Alex was having trouble walking up the mountain of snow so Drew helped him up. So sweet!

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