Sunday, February 27, 2011

So thankful for our church!

David & I were talking this morning after church that the weekend has flown by eventhough we were complete couch potatoes yesterday.
In January we began attending a "Marriage Matters" class at our church. Our church has so many wonderful ministry and study opportunities. The class is led by family counselors who attend our church. It is a true blessing!!! Not because we felt like our marriage was failing but because we all have something to improve in our lives, right? It has opened my eyes to soooooo many good points. Last week we talked about the 5 love languages AND the 5 languages of apology. This week we began talking about our family tree and how family patterns affect our marriages. Only with God's help can we break certain patterns in our lives.
The worship service was wondeful as always. I'm so touched by our pastor's desire to preach what God has laid on his heart even if it means not preaching his prepared sermon. He preaches from the bible and doesn't "sugar coat" it. Amen for that! He often speaks about remembering the day you were saved and truly knowing you have eternal life. He has such a passion for leading others to Christ and challenging those of us that are saved to always be 100% sure we are walking with Christ. This prompted some thoughts in me...there are lots of people I know VERY well but have never heard their salvation story. I started to wonder why don't we talk about that more?
David & I always talk about the sermon after church so today we shared memories of our salvation story. We had talked about it in general at times knowing the ages we were saved or where we were at. David said he was 14 when he was saved and specifically remembers sitting and praying to ask Jesus in his heart. I was 7 or 8 and just remember different parts. I can remember sobbing that I didn't want to go to hell for my sins. I remember the day I went forward to be saved and just crying and crying with my parents, sister, and grandparents and then I remember feeling "different" once it was done. What's your story? Did you feel different?
We sang a song during the invitation today that really struck me as our heads were bowed and I was praying for those that might be sitting around me and unsaved. It started with the old hymn "Jesus paid it all...all to him I owe...sin had left a crimson stain...he washed it white as snow". Then the words changes to "Oh Praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead." Those words are quite powerful!
A college group led our worship music today and they did a wonderful job. I have always hoped that my boys will sing or play musical instrunments (if God blesses them with that gift). Watching young people serve God in that way is so neat to me!


  1. hi there! stumbled upon your blog, you have such cute little men. :) congratulations on the race! i live in bville, so i recognized the pictures. the picture in your header is great too! i wanted to ask where you go to church? my family and i are needing a home church. i would love to get involved in one with other young families our age. take care.

  2. Thanks kimberly! We go to first baptist bentonville on A street. Church is at 915 and we go to the late Sunday school which is right after church and are in the davenport class. We would love to have ya'll! Just let me know if you have any other questions. It's a great church with lots of young families!

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