Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We LOVE popcorn!

Several years ago for Christmas I gave David an air-pop popcorn maker. He had been asking for one for years...yah I know it's a little random but he always said he wanted one. He's incredibly hard to surprise on gifts. I remember the year I bought him this one he couldn't figure out what was in the box after I told him it was something he wanted for a LONG time. We used it so much when we first got it. I decided it was time to bring it out again during our snow days so I bought kernels & buttery oil on my mad dash to the grocery store Monday.

The look on the boys' faces tell how they felt about the air popper! They were amazed. It was a perfect companion for our movie...The Karate Kid (the new one). Drew & Alex decided to practice karate moves after watching the movie.

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