Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dressing Up & Being Boys

Superheros, cowboys, pirates and hunters can always be found around our house!

Well apparently Alex didn't want to be wearing the Batman cape... Looks like Alex wasn't enjoying the cowboy outfit either. Drew and his silly face

Alex is much happier as a pirate I guess...Ahoy Mate!

This is what happens when they boys are dressing up alone upstairs. Soooo funny when I found them! They were very proud of their outfits. Their pajamas alone were quite the sight but then add to that the "great" dress up options and it was very comical. Drew is into picking out his pajamas on his own now but they rarely match or FIT for that matter. Oh well! Alex was wearing Drew's Christmas pajamas from last year which are still a bit small for him so at somepoint he ditched the pants. The spiderman glove reminds me of the Michael Jackson glove I had growing up. Anyone know what I'm talking about???

Our "bonus room/playroom" is much more enjoyable now. A few weeks ago I got on a cleaning spree and did a huge clean out of STUFF that had piled up in our extra room. I also decided to reduce the boys' toys because one child could not possibly need or play with all the stuff they have. I am really bad about holding onto to everything unless I FORCE myself to get rid of stuff often. One motivator is being tired of cleaning up toys on every square inch of our house!!!! Now all the toys are in their rooms and they have less choices. We still have a few things in our living room as well as the bonus room. Now that they toys are spread out and condensed they play so much better with them. Amazing! Eventually the bonus room will be a family/game room but now it's a mix of a twin bed, train set, sewing corner, office corner, TV/Wii, and dress up clothes. Much more organized now though so we can enjoy playing in there.

One night this week when it was cold and rainy s0 we got out bubbles to blow in the playroom since it has carpet. The boys had a ball and so did our dog! She was jumping as high as the boys to catch the bubbles. It made us laugh so hard that she was so interested in the bubbles. It was great entertainment until it was time for American Idol to start.

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  1. OMG! Your story reminds me SO much of my two boys just a few years ago! I loved it when they dressed up...I have the funniest pictures of them! Thanks for sharing :)