Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Rainy Day

Today it is rainy like CRAZY outside! It is nice to be able to stay home today with just not alot of pressing things to do. I decided that I never blog about everyday life for us. Will be boring for others to read but it will serve as our "scrapbook" one day.
I was up from 3-6:00 this morning wide awake...love that part of pregnancy (saying that in a very sarcastic tone). Alex crawled in our bed at 7:00 so I laid down with him to watch his favorite shows on PBS (Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Sesame Street, Super Why). We also looked at Lego toys online and he LOVED that. He says all he wants for Christmas is Legos. His birthday is in December and I am planning a Lego themed party. My sister is going to make the cake in the shape of Lego blocks. For party favors I am going to make crayons and gummies with Lego molds. Alex is never had a "real" party before so this will be his first one. The last two years we just did small family parties at home and he was perfectly happy with that.
After the battery ran down on the IPad from looking at soooo many different Legos, we decided to get up & make blueberry muffins. My sister had given us a huge box of food because her family is doing the gluten free diet now. I never buy the muffins with the "real blueberries" and I was so excited to see those in her box! I'm sure Alex & I will go through the whole dozen this morning. After all the 4 of us almost finished over a dozen chocolate cupcakes last night. Ooops!
Tonight we are planning to make homemade pizza & play games. Loving this day at home & looking forward to our night at home too! Days like this make me miss Drew even more because he can't be home with Alex & I playing all day.


  1. We're having a rainy day at home also. Plus, I'm babysitting my brothers kids today. Wish us luck!

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