Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This year I felt like I celebrated Halloween for an entire month! We celebrated at Disney World then again at Drew's Costume Carnival at school then again on Halloween. We carved our first pumpkin at the beginning of October wish was dumb because it lasted maybe 3 days before it rotted! My sister sent the boys some pumpkin decorations & we bought some at Target. So when we got home from Disney World we decorated again. I plan on baking my pumpkins this year for pies!
Our Halloween night was LOW stress & lots of fun. We trick-or-treated with our neighborhood. The neighborhood tradition is to meet at the front of the neighborhood & trick or treat together. When you arrive at your house you run inside for the candy bowl & hand it out to everyone in the group. Some of the kids rode on a hayride behind a 4 wheeler, some walked, & I rode on my neighbor's golf cart. Yay for Carrie's golf cart! Our neighborhood gets large walking front to back to front. Ha!
I enjoy handing out candy & waiting for the doorbell to ring BUT this was fun so we will do it again.
I started thinking about past Halloweens this year...some of my favorite memories are..

Trick or Treating with our friends one year & someone popping out
of a coffin decoration in the yard!

Getting dressed up at school & trick or treating "uptown" at
the businesses with our class.
My mom always making chili for supper & I still carry on that tradition.
My friend & I sitting in my front yard to pass out
candy. Don't ask me why we didn't sit on my front porch. Maybe we wanted to be
close to the road so people would stop. ha!
Passing out candy at my Granny & Papa's house.
Usually always dressing up as a "punk rocker".

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