Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Catching Up

I have been meaning to post about ALL that has gone on at our house but I always forget. The times I remember to do things like call an old friend, book a birthday party, update my blog, print pictures, always when I'm driving down the road or laying in bed at night or at school. That's why it doesn't usually get done! My family is probably thinking I have given up on the blog...well...I haven't, I promise!

Lots of exciting things have happened at our house in the last few months...
Mexico Mission Trip
Drew's first day of Kindergarten (already posted about that)
Alex's first day of school
Visiting family
Disney World Family Vacation
Found out we are expecting a new baby in May
New games
Drew's first dental appointments

I also decided that I want to blog in November each day about what I'm thankful for & look back at what God has done in our life recently or in the past. I hope we as a family can look back on this one day & see how blessed we are!

I will be working on uploading all the pictures & posts today so check back.

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