Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family of 5...Oh MY!

In August we found out that we will receive another little blessing in May. After I had Alex I could never completely say I was done with having children. We would go back & forth for the last probably 6 months. Drew & Alex (without anything being mentioned) began saying they were praying for a baby sister. I think what brought it up in their minds was my friend, Amanda, having a baby. They say they want a "Lela" like Neely has.
God made the decision for us and we could not be more excited! Are there worries or fears we could have...well yes but why?
God is giving them a sibling but we just don't know yet if it will be a sister or a brother. I find out at my 19 week appointment and I cannot wait. I guess knowing this is my last one I am more excited to find out what it is. So many people are saying its a girl but we shall see...hmmm! Even my hairdresser on Monday asked what was going on with my hair. She said that my hair being weird & my skin breaking out is a sign of a girl. My neighbor & some friends say they same thing. I feel totally different this pregnancy. If I wasn't showing & craving citrus foods then I would completely forget I was pregnant. The heartbeat is 158 and the boys were both always in the 130s or 140s. Trying not to get my hopes up & decide in my mind what it is until I SEE for myself. Therefore, I can't wait to see if its a he or a she!
Names are picked & ready to go either way. I want all of my kids to have names that are after someone in our family or mean something to us. Drew is named after David. Alex is named after my mom's family and I wanted him to be an "A" since I am. This baby will be named after my dad, his family, or my sister. My sister has my dad's initials so if its a boy he will have their first & middle initials. If its a girl she will be named after my dad's grandmother. We couldn't come up with a girl name for the JL initials like my dad & sister.

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