Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drew's 1st Dental Appointments

I started going to the dentist when I was in Kindergarten so I figured that's when I would take my boys. WRONG decision!!!! Drew had 8 cavities when we went. His dental visits have been such an ordeal at our house. His first visit was just a cleaning & xrays. I was devastated that he had 8 cavities but his daddy has a mouthful of cavities. The dentist we saw recommended going to an oral surgeon to have one pulled but I just didn't feel completely good about that so after talking to friends & family I decided to take him for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd dentist was saw was wonderful & has a wonderful staff! I left there sooooo thankful for that 2nd opinion. The 1st visit Drew had there was great to him because they just looked at x-rays & checked his teeth. The 2nd visit not quite so cheery! He had to have 2 crowned & 2 filled. I felt so bad for him! I have 2 cavities in my mouth so I can only imagine the pain & fear he must have been feeling. He cried at the beginning but the assistant was so kind & patient. My sister was praying & I know it was an answered prayer because he calmed down & did great. He will go back in January for the other 4 fillings AFTER we add him to our insurance. Apparently dental work is a wee-bit expensive! Yikes!


  1. Heeh, cost is not a matter in dental care. What's more important is that you safeguarded her oral health at an early age. And you will save even more in the long run if you teach her proper oral hygiene. Cheers!

    [Hertha Gearin]

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