Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alex starts to school

This year Alex is in the "older 2's classroom". He started a new school in Bentonville, and we have been soooo happy there. His teacher is so kind & welcoming to him. His little friend Lilly started the school at the same time he did. She greets him every morning & it is so cute! Typically he does not mind to go to school but there are a few mornings he would rather watch "Cat in that Hat" than go to school. Just this morning it was an all out tantrum over leaving his shows to go to school. I hate having to fight as we leave the house in the morning.

What Alex is doing right now...
Talking, talking, & more talking
Loves playing with legos & squinkies
Loves watching the shows on PBS in the morning
Still eats anything you put in front of him
Starting to throw tantrums & have an opinion sometimes but usually very agreeable
Making silly faces & sounds
A few weeks ago he had fall pictures made and I just knew he would not smile or possibly even have his picture taken. I thought ahead & TRIED to get some pictures at home. This is the result of that...

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