Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ahoy Mate

Last week I decided to turn the "cubby" part of Alex's closet into a "pirate hideaway" for the boys to play in. They absolutely love pirates! Alex was very proud of his new pirate ship (as he calls it). When Sarah Kate came over to play he couldn't wait to show her. Girls aren't so fond of pirates! :-) Soooo...instead of going in the pirate ship where the "scary pirates" were she decided to use Alex's play kitchen to cook for the shipmates. Excuse the dirty fan in the picture. It would get super hot in there if we didn't have a little fan in there. They keep their Pirates of the Caribbean Legos in their pirate hideaway and that can keep them busy for a long time (until the punching & choking & biting breaks out). Behind Drew is a pirate ship steering wheel that I got at Home Depot. It actually goes to the outdoor playsets but I screwed it into the wall & they love to steer their ship!

This is a curtain I made to separate the hideaway away from the rest of his closet. Since his bedroom is upstairs, his closet has an angle in the back because of the roof and it really can't be used for hanging clothes. It makes the perfect play area.

I added a treasure map, poster, and rope lighting. I also am going to add some pirate decals on the walls. Their pirate dress up and treasure chests are in there too. I couldn't get a picture of everything since it is such a tight space.

I bought a treasure chest at Hobby Lobby and let Alex & Drew paint it. I put their pirate legos in one chest. In the other chest they have plastic rings, coins, bead necklaces...basically pirate treasures.

Little bit better picture of the wheel and rope lighting. If I can't find Alex anywhere else playing inside...I find him in his pirate hideaway.


  1. Just ran across your blog. You have a sweet family :) Enjoyed reading.