Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Rogers and Back on the Train

Today Alex and I rode the Arkansas Missouri Railroad with some friends. I have never been on a real train before so it was really neat (even though we didn't go very far). I was sad that Drew didn't get to go with us BUT I will admit that it was much easier to care for just one child. It got a little chaotic when we were stopped on the track for an hour because there was a freight train blocking the track. Luckily, my friend Amanda strategically placed us in the middle of the middle train car so that if we crashed (or got hit by the freight train) we would be safe! Very thankful for friends like Laurie & Amanda that think of those kinds of things. All I worry about is if there is a storm coming!

Sweet baby Lela was soooo good throughout the train ride and even during the HOT delay!

Alex and his friends, Neely and Sarah Kate. On the way to pick them up he said "I love Neely and Sarah Kate". He totally doesn't care that many of his friends are girls!

Kacy (event planner of the year) and sweet baby Davis. Wells is somewhere hiding behind her. Kacy is who we have to thank for our fun train ride today. Every month she plans at least one fun outing for our group of friends. I am sooo thankful for this because I would probably otherwise sit at home with Alex & Drew. :-)

Sweet little baby Kamryn. She was another good little baby girl during the ride and hot delay.

I didn't get a picture of Kinley but she was there too. Kinley & Alex are about the same age. Sweet little girls! Alex enjoying the ride.

Kade is enjoying the ride. Cute or what??? His older sister Alex was also with us but I didn't get a picture of her either. She is Drew's age and he would be disappointed if he knew he missed the train ride with his friends.

Cutie Wells hanging out during our STOP.

After the train ride we went to a mexican restaurant for lunch. The kids were great & the food was yum. BUT...I love mexican food so I'm easy to please! Thanks Laurie for the great suggestion.

All of the kids were soooo good today. They were such little troopers as we sat on a HOT and STILL train for an hour. I hope we can ride the train this fall to see all of the pretty leaves. I also would like to take the boys on the Christmas train ride with Santa.

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