Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Little Light of Mine

A few weeks ago Drew sang with his preschool choir at church. It was absolutely precious. As parents and teachers we work hard and stress wanting everything to go as planned BUT at this age anything they do is cute so who cares if they make a mistake! Right? Drew is typically a shy child but in the video below he is pretty excited about shining his light 'til Jesus comes. He holds "his light" up high in the air and sings so loud. It makes me smile and giggle just watching it. He is growing up so fast and changing everyday. I know when he starts to Kindergarten he will change even more. I try not to be tooooo sad because I know with each stage in life there is always joy to see. Joy & Laughter when they are babies to toddlers to preschoolers to "big boys". He said to me in PURE & UTTER EXCITEMENT the other day "Mommy, I'm big now. I am 5 and I have a mole. See I have a mole...that means I'm big now". These cute little things he says I never want to forget! He is so sweet to always tell me I'm the bestest mommy ever or that I look pretty. Moments like that are what make all the hard work of being a mommy worth it!!!
Recently we started paying him a small allowance for doing chores. He has 3 cups to put his money in...1) offering 2) savings 3) spending. We are trying to teach him to give back to God first, then save, then shop for something special he has wanted. Right now he is trying to earn enough "spending" money to buy another Ben 10 Alien. His nightstand is FULL of Ben 10 characters but he says there are more to get. He organizes & reorganizes them often and these are toys he would rather "brother" not play with but occasionally he will give Alex the HONOR of playing with a Ben 10 character. We look at Walmart/Target each time we go to make sure no one has bought all of the Ben 10 toys while he is saving his money to buy one.

This Little Light of Mine (this makes me smile)
----You will have to copy the link below & paste it into the address box on your internet browser. The other video worked with embedding but I couldn't get this one to. Any suggestions? The first video I did from the upload window but when I went back to YouTube that window was gone and I couldn't find the embed object box anywhere----


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