Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting ready for Easter!

The boys had an Easter program at their preschool. We didn't get really great pictures because we were so far away and the boys were on two different ends of the group. As the picture of Alex shows...he's REAL enthused to be on stage. He is sitting down leaned back on the steps while everyone else is standing up. Drew was just concerned with where we were sitting because we constantly walked in the back of the room to go from side to side to get pictures of both boys. They are wearing green and navy sweater vests (if you can't see them in the pictures).

As usual...these three are up to no good. I don't think they are ever together and not laughing. After the program, there were cookies and lemonade so I think they were anxious to get their cookies maybe.

Alex really got into hiding Easter eggs. He repeated for EVERY egg..."this goes here...and this goes here...and this goes here...and this goes here". It was hilarious. He organized & reorganized the eggs in the basket on our coffee table.

We attempted decorating real eggs this year. I have not done it since I was a kid. I actually had to call my mom to ask how to boil an egg. I do not eat eggs and the only thing I know how to do with them is add them to items I'm baking or occassionally & I do mean occassionally scramble them for the boys.

The look on his face should tell you how the egg decorating went with a 2 year old. "what I can't throw the egg in the dye? I can't dip the egg in & out of the dye over & over?" As usual, it was like a bull in a china store!

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