Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hanging out at Home

When we went for our monthly Aldi trip this week Drew asked for a watermelon. I was afraid it might be too early for a really good watermelon but surprisingly it was good. The boys loved it!

Last week in the middle of all the crazy rain and storms...a cold front moved through. The cold weather made me have the NEED to put on jammies, order pizza, and make cookies. The boys love to make cookies and of course lick the spatula when we are done.

Drew & David playing basketball. Drew loves for his daddy to play with him. He takes his basketball very serious too...notice the "real" basketball clothes he has on. He also asks for music to run out to & we have to call out his name and cheer for him. Soooo funny!

Drew's "basketball face" while he's "running out on court"

Alex doing his favorite past-time of coloring. I love his fat little cheeks!!!

We were having a family dance. All I had close was "Cinderella" (not the princess). The boys loved playing their air guitars to the music & dancing like crazy. Drew was dancing so hard he worked up a sweat & needed to take his shirt off.

Playing outside

On a VERY windy Sunday we bought the boys kites. Poor Alex couldn't get his off the ground but a few times. Once he did the wind demolished it because surprisingly it can be TOO windy for a flying a kite. Whoops!

Alex running to try & get his kite off the ground

Drew's worked pretty well

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