Sunday, May 1, 2011

He has risen!

Weeks before Easter Alex found their pillow pets in the back of my car. I told them that they were a gift for a friend who just had a baby. A few days before Easter Drew found their pillow pets AGAIN under the bed in our guest bedroom. He said "I know these are for your friend but can I just play with it today?" I couldn't take it away at that point because he loved it so much & has wanted one for a very long time. So...I told an Easter bunny tale. I told him that the Easter bunny must have come a day early to leave them an early surprise. The Easter bunny crawled through the window and hid the pillow pets. Drew's response "Well, I don't see his footprints on the carpet." I knew Easter morning I had to leave evidence of the bunny so we messed up the blinds and drapes. We left their baskets where the pillow pets were originally hidden. He never questioned it. The Easter bunny left them a note saying he hoped they liked their pillow pets he left Saturday. Holidays are so fun with little children!!!

Very happy the Easter bunny knew they love powdered donuts. They did not waste time digging into those!

We had a wonderful church service on Easter morning. I am so thankful for a wonderful church that unapologetically preaches the truth in God's Word! Every year Dr. Junior Hill speaks at our church but this is our first time to see him. He had an amazing sermon! Many people were saved which is always such a joy to see. I can't help but think "wow...that person was unsaved when they came to church today and now they will spend eternity in Heaven"!!! Words could never express the gratitude we have for Jesus taking the pain for all of our sins so that we can spend eternity in Heaven. I love that Drew is starting to ask questions. At his age, the questions are precious!
We had Easter lunch with our friends, the Vestals and the Shinlevers. We had a delicious lunch! We had ham, hashbrown casserole, Amy's yummy corn, green bean bundles, rolls, and Amanda's chocolate cake. It rained all day long so with a full tummy and a rainy afternoon, the only thing left to do was to take a nap.

Drew, Neely, & Alex in their Easter cute!!!

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