Wednesday, July 13, 2011

May Fun

Mother's Day
David (and the boys) gave me a running Garmin watch for my Mother's Day present. I love it! It can do waaaay more than I am smart enough to do but I still love what I have FIGURED out how to do! We spent Mother's Day weekend in Jonesboro.

Sunday before leaving home we went to the was soooo humid!

Welcome ARKANSAS summer.

Might as well embrace their need for silly faced pictures.

I love being their mommy!

Uncle Heath loves to rough house with the boys. The boys, of course, eat it up!

Playing around at home usually involves dressing up & jumping...

Even if the attire may not fit anymore or is a cross between pirate, cowboy, hunter, & spiderman.

Crafty Cottage

We went to paint pottery with some friends and it was so much fun. Drew invited his friend, Brookelyn, from his preschool class. They are so cute together!

Drew's Preschool Graduation

My family came from Jonesboro for Drew's graduation. That was the highlight of Drew's month. He asked everyday "Is today graduation and Jenna is coming?". When he had "graduation pictures" taken at school, he came home so sad & said "Mommy, they took my picture and had graduation but it was so fast Gran & Auntie missed it. They didn't even come." Too cute!!! Taking him to his last day of preschool was sad. A friend told me she cried & cried at her daughter's graduation but for me the sad part was the last day I took him to preschool. That's when it hit me Kindergarten is coming!!!

Last day of School

Just Hanging Out

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